• Talented and Gifted Program

    Sheridan Schools are very excited about our Talented and Gifted program.  This program, with a focus in language arts and mathematics, also includes students who have a passion for other curricular areas.  We will be offering a projects class, independent studies, On-Line and Advanced Placement classes for students in the High School and the opportunity for our middle school students to take high school classes.   These curriculum offerings address student needs as measured by our NWEA MAP and other testing measures.
    Philosophy Statement
    The goal of the Sheridan School District's Gifted Education plan is to meet the needs of the students who are gifted or talented in the areas of language arts or mathematics.  In accordance with this philosophy, district teachers will offer appropriate instructional programs to meet the needs of students capable of high performance, developing the special abilities of each student.

    Identification Process:

    1. Teacher or Parent Referral.
    2. Parents are informed and permission to screen is requested.
    3. Referred students are screened using any combination of, but not limited to, the following tests:  the MAP, The Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®), the Stanford Binet, Woodcock Johnson, WISC, Ravens Colored Matrices), K-Bits, and parent and/or teacher attributes and behavior characteristic rankings.
    4. The Gifted and Talented Committee examines the results of the screening.
    5. Parents are informed of results and placement.
    6. Students must achieve at the 97 percentile mark in reading and math to be eligible. 

    Sheridan Schools send our Talented and Gifted (TAG) teacher, and other support services staff, to several conferences a year for advanced training.  During our PIR days we train the classroom teacher to differentiate instruction so that the needs of gifted learners are addressed within the regular education classroom.


    We will be using SpringBoard curriculum in our math and language arts classes.  This advanced curriculum teaches higher level thinking and advanced studies aimed at high achievement on SAT and ACT college entrance exams.  We will be using community mentors to provide advanced educational opportunities for our students.


    Our students will be able to advance a year in math or reading based on MAP test scores by “walking” to the appropriate grade level class.  Our advanced high school students will use Montana Digital to access advanced curriculum.  We will be offering new elective classes in CSI Forensics, Programming, Spanish III, Astronomy, Anatomy and Physiology, and Broadcast Media, along with AP English and Calculus.


    We will also be offering a pull-out experience for students who have been accepted in the Talented and Gifted program where field trips or extended curriculum opportunities will be available.  Our School Garden, with a focus on sustainability and a “green” design, will allow students to focus on alternative energy sources and themed spaces.
    The Talented and Gifted program allows students to create and personalize learning contracts where these students chose the topic of study and reflects the student need to advance.  Parents are asked to be involved in this process of creating the learning contract.


    If you would like to nominate a child for the Talented and Gifted Program, please download and fill out the nomination form on this web page.  Academics, imagination, freedom, and fun are the foundations of our new program.