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    Welcome to the Home of the Panthers, Sheridan Class C sports. Please remember when attending games to practice good sportsmanship.
    Sportsmanship is the Golden Rule in action.  It is practicing respect.  Sportsmanship doesn’t change with time or place.  Sportsmanship is the same no matter where the game is played, or who is playing it.  Sportsmanship is what sets high school sports apart from other levels of athletics, and ultimately sportsmanship becomes a way of life for students.


    Fan behavior, whether at home or away, at athletic contests reflects on the entire community.  Hometown fans should treat out-of-town guests with respect.  Similarly, visiting fans should treat their hosts-both individuals and property-with proper appreciation.


        1. Know and demonstrate good fellowship.
        2. Be positive. Cheer for your team rather then against the opposition.
        3. Refrain from booing and name calling.
        4. Respect the officials’ point of view.  He/She is in charge and is doing his/her best.
        5. Remember, Athletic contests are, in one respect, just like driving, they do not mix with mood altering substances.
        6. Do not use profanity in cheers or direct profane statements at officials, players, coaches, or opposing cheering sections.