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    Home & School Connection - Q & A
    Q: My daughter has more tests and quizzes this year.  How can I help her use good study habits so she can do well?
    A: Studying is a skill that your daughter can learn and practice.  First, have her get into the habit of studying a little bit each night.  That way, she won't need to cram the night before a test or quiz.  An evening when she doesn't have much homework is a good time to look over class notes.
         Also, encourage your child to experiment with different study methods.  She might read a science or social studies chapter out loud.  She could even record herself and play it back.  Or suggest that she use different colored pens to underline or circle parts of spelling words that trip her up.  Trying different strategies will help her find the ones that work for her.


Last Modified on August 20, 2008