Sheridan Schools will educate the whole person, empowering them to reach their highest individual potential.


In order to achieve our vision, it is the mission of Sheridan Schools to:

  • Ensure a safe learning environment.

  • Welcome curiosity and instill confidence. 

  • Promote personal responsibility.

  • Broaden opportunities for all interests.

  • Model and teach tolerance.

  • Encourage service to others.

  • Deliver a well-balanced curriculum that includes, academic, technological, creative, and physical disciplines.

  • And, most importantly, provide a place to belong.

School District Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Sheridan School is to accept responsibility for the development of each child into an adult who can stand confidently, participate fully, learn continually, and contribute meaningfully to our world. Six objectives, which contribute to the achievement of this goal, listed without priority in arrangement, define desirable outcomes to be incorporated into short and long-range plans for the school system.

  1. To ensure that each student develops proficiency in basic academic skills.

  2. To ensure that each student develops the capacity to recognize and cope with the problems of an unknown future.

  3. To ensure the development of meaningful interpersonal relationships among students, staff, and community.

  4. To ensure that staff, students, and parents are afforded maximum feasible participation in the development and evaluation of programs and policies that meet the educational needs of each community.

  5. To ensure maximum efficiency in the allocation of material resources.

  6. To ensure maximum efficiency in the allocation of human resources.