School Board


There is an immediate vacancy for an Alder trustee. Anyone who is interested in being appointed until the next regular election (May 7, 2024) can contact Superintendent JB Chandler or District Clerk Rebecca Larsen.

Kendra Horn (Board Chair)
PO Box 291, Sheridan, Montana 59749
​(Term expires 2025)

Ridgley Elser (Vice Chair)
4 Marsh Lane, Sheridan, Montana 59749
(Term expires 2024)

Rhonda Boyd
PO Box 99, Alder, Montana 59710
(Term expires 2026)

Luke Cordingley
PO Box 311, Sheridan, Montana 59749
(Term expires 2026)

Jason Hardy
8 Toledo Mine Rd. Sheridan, Montana 59749
(Term Expires 2025)

Kaylie Theis
PO Box 42, Sheridan, Montana 59749
​(Term Expires 2024)


Safety Committee: Ridgley Elser, Jason Hardy, Kaylie Theis, J.B. Chandler, Rodney Stout, Lois Tate, Emily McParland, Rahn Abbott, and Kord Anderson

Technology Committee:  Luke Cordingley, Kendra Horn, J.B. Chandler, Rodney Stout, Rodney Braaten, Destiny Howser, and Sara Decker

Hiring Committee: Ridgley Elser, Jason Hardy, Kendra Horn (Alternate), and Cory Rowberry (Alternate)

Housing Committee: Ridgley Elser, Jason Hardy, Kaylie Theis

The Sheridan School Board of Trustees holds their regular meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the C.B Murray Building Media Center, unless otherwise noted.

Agendas are posted prior to each meeting on the school website, at the High School, Elementary School, Opportunity Bank, Sheridan Post Office and the public bulletin board at Walter's Family Foods and Ace Hardware.  If you would like a board packet, you may request one at the Elementary School office.
Citizens are invited to attend and comment on school related issues during the public comment period listed on the posted agenda.  Citizens may also comment on agenda items that require board action. 
Comments related to personnel or student issues may not be expressed in this public forum.  Please refer to Sheridan School Board Policy 1700 for the Uniform Complaint Procedure.

 To read about the roles and responsibilities of a School Board Trustee, click the link above.