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21st Century Learning
Over the last few years a number of teachers recieved training in a new program called Spring Board. Spring Board is a new Math and English curriculum offered by College Board, a non-profit organization which is also responsible for programs and tests such as the SAT, PSAT, Advanced Placement (AP) and others.
It should be noted that College Board's stated mission is "to connect
students to college success and opportunity." SpringBoard curricula and
texts are designed to do just that - increase college success and
opportunity - and research indicates that it is having a powerful
impact. Yet it also offers important benefits for all students, such as
its focus on teaching the critical thinking skills every educated
citizen should have.

The program is highly innovative, connecting students to real world
problems and scenarios. And most importantly, it utilizes a range of
research-backed strategies and critical thinking tools to guide students
to success. An important strategy in the English curriculum, for
example, is a tool called TP-CASTT, which SpringBoard utilizes for
poetry analysis. Through this strategy students learn to analyze every
poem for: Title, Paraphrase, Connotation, Attitude, Shifts, Title (in a
re-examination), and Theme.

We are very excited about the impact this program will have
for all of our students, and it is already in use in many of our

Last Modified on October 27, 2011